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Employment for People with Disabilities

 In the past decade, thousands of individuals with disabilities have entered employment. Many individuals are contemplating getting a job. According to the Rehabilitation Act, individuals have the right to exercise informed choice throughout the entire rehabilitation process. Therefore, they need information to make the right choices. These choices include understanding the effect of earned income on cash benefits, Medicaid, Medicare, Housing subsidy, Food Stamps, and other types of assistance. Other decisions may include choosing a Vocational Rehabilitation provider or Employment Network to help secure access to career opportunities; and, maintaining support (such as accommodations, and assistive technology) in choosing, getting and keeping a job.

There are a variety of disability and employment resources in Indiana and nationally for individuals with disabilities, their family members, advocates, and providers. These resources are categorized below:



Americans with Disabilities Act:

Assistive Technology:


Centers for Independent Living:

Children with Disabilities:

Developmental Disabilities:


Disability Determination Service:

Division of Family and Children:

Earned Income Tax Credit:

Employer Resources:



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Mental Health:

Protection and Advocacy:

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Social Security:

Ticket to Work:

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Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment:

Work One (Office of Workforce Development):

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