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Medicaid Spend-down:

In most cases, individuals who meet the medical determination for disability, but who have income above the Federal Benefit Rate ($674 per month for an individual or $1011 per month for a married couple) may have a spend-down.  This means that individuals will have to spend down their excess monthly income toward their medical expenses before they are eligible for Medicaid each month.  If your monthly income is over the individual Federal Benefit Rate, Medicaid will disregard part of your income, including a $15.50 General Income Disregard (GID).  Medicaid does not count Supplemental Security Income (SSI) income when figuring your eligibility for Medicaid or determining a spend-down.  This is because by federal law, SSI is intended to pay for food, clothing or shelter.  Individuals with disabilities whose incomes are above the Federal Benefit Rate because their work activity may qualify for a work incentive called MED Works.










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