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Involuntary Loss of Employment for MED Works:

If you are eligible for MED Works, you must be engaged in a substantial and reasonable work effort. In the unfortunate event that you involuntarily lose employment, you may continue to be eligible for MED Works if:

  • You are on a temporary medical leave,

  • You request a continuance within 60 days of termination of employment,

  • You maintain connection to the workforce (such as participating in a vocational rehabilitation program, registering with workforce development, participating in transition from school to work, or participating with an approved employment services provider),

  • You pay premiums (if required), and

  • You continue to meet eligibility requirements for MED Works.

If you are no longer eligible for MED Works, your Division of Family Resources (DFR) case worker will review your information to see if you are eligible for Medicaid under other Medicaid categories.

MED Works Supports Employment:

The Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning oversees the MED Works program as well as Indiana's Medicaid Infrastructure Grant.  MED Works and the infrastructure grant work closely together because the grant supports several activities to improve employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities.  The Medicaid Infrastructure Grant partners with Indiana's Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and other entities to support employment outcomes.

Information about the Indiana Code and final rules for MED Works can be found at:


The Disability Benefits and Work website was funded by the Medicaid Infrastructure Grant (CFDA # 93.768)

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