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Director: Michael Conn-Powers, Ph.D.

The mission of the Early Childhood Center is to advance early education practices that welcome, include, and bring about successful school readiness practices for all children. To implement our mission, we work to link research and practice in advancing the field of early education by providing leadership and assistance to agencies, organizations, and communities serving all young children (birth through five years), including children with disabilities, and their families.

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Michael Conn-Powers

Center Director

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New Position

Indiana University in Bloomington, IN invites applications for a Research Associate in Early Childhood Education/Special Education at the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, Early Childhood Center.         

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Alice Frazeur Cross Retires

After twenty-one years of service to Indiana at the Early Childhood Center, Alice Frazeur Cross has decided that the time was right to retire. In those years, she contributed to our field through her research, writing and professional development in many areas that impacted young children. We will miss Alice's commitment to the Center, to early childhood educators, and to young children; her knowledge and her dedication to continual learning; her attention to detail that ensured we were always on the same page at the same time; and her willingness to help. Please join us in wishing Alice all the best in her retirement.