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We work in partnership with adults who are aging with disabilities to promote their well-being, community participation, self-determination and leadership.

Phil's B-Line Guest Column

Director Phil Stafford wrote a piece for the Bloomington newspaper on turning the town's B-Line area into a Lifetime Community. If you're  a Herald-Times subscriber, you can read the column here. For non-subscribers, we reproduced the piece on our Facebook page.

Design for a Small (Aging) Planet Symposium

Forget “Silver Tsunami.” An aging population is not a catastrophe, but an opportunity.

We age in a community, and designing communities for aging well needs to be considered by community planners now. How can we design environments for our small, aging planet? There's a cadre of cutting-edge thought leaders in the field of design who will tell us more at our Design for a Small (Aging) Planet Symposium.

Six speakers, including a keynote from Scott Ball, author and leader in the Atlanta, Georgia, Livable Communities movement, will present over two days, April 30-May 1, at the Indiana Memorial Union in Bloomington, Indiana. Registration is $60, and will close when our limited seating is filled. For more information about this exciting meeting of some of the top all-ages community designers and advocates in the country, visit the Symposium web page here: You can also download the Symposium flyer to print or email to help spread the word.