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Early Childhood focused Webinars

Changing Expectations: Implications for Preschool

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Expectations are changing for kindergartners. These changes, along with new research, are requiring early educators to rethink school readiness. We have been investigating the most recent research literature on school readiness, as well as spending time in Indiana kindergarten classrooms. Join us as we explore our findings and look at what early educators can do to prepare children to enter kindergarten. This web presentation is a foundation and preview for the upcoming workshops. It is available by clicking Changing Expectations: Implications for Preschool.

Integrating Therapy into Natural Environments and Everyday Routines

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Instructors: Susan Dixon and Amy Piper

Early intervention providers are required by law to provide services in natural environments, and in doing so, are presented with the opportunity to work in a variety of settings. When providing integrated therapy, providers have endless possibilities for how to approach those services.

The following learner outcomes describe this three- hour, on-line module. Learners will:

  • Understand the legal and research foundations for integrating therapy into natural environments and everyday routines (this training currently focuses on both U.S. law and Indiana regulations).
  • Assess environments  and propose activities which fit within family and child care routines.
  • Explore the use of reflective practice in integrated therapy.

To register, you can find this training in the IIDC E-Store. Click on the link below.

Integrating Therapy into Natural Environments and Everyday Routines

Supporting Positive Family Outcomes

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Instructor: Cathy Beard

First Steps has identified and is responsible for addressing five family outcomes. This training focuses on understanding the parent perspective, developing a deeper insight into the lives of families with disabilities, and the development positive working relationships with families. It then highlights a variety of resources that can be shared with families to help address each of the five outcomes. Activities include written reflections , video, guided instruction on how to access resources, and time to explore the on-line resources presented.

In this six-hour module, learners will:

  • Develop their own family resource toolbox.
  • Apply the toolbox to address the five federal family outcomes.

To register, you can find this training in the IIDC E-Store. Click on the link below.

Supporting Positive Family Outcomes

Watch Me Grow: Supporting Essential Characteristics in Young Children

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Instructor: Elizabeth Traub

Participants will explore their role as facilitators of the ongoing development of infants and toddlers.  Through the recognition of the seven characteristics that enable a child to learn, participants will consider strategies to support a child’s outcomes so that s/he is ready for school.   This six-hour module uses video examples and interactive activities to help providers and others explore the framework of each characteristic and how by supporting these during child and family routines they can promote school readiness.

Learners will:

  • Determine strategies that support important learning characteristics
  • Create a plan to embed support within daily routines
  • Identify ongoing opportunities to assess characteristics

To register,you can find this training on the IIDC E-store. Click on the link below.

Watch me Grow: supporting Essential Characteristics in Young Children