Supported Employment

Supported Employment: Developing Natural Supports

We all have our go-to assists on the job. Our guy down the hall who knows how to clear paper jams from the copier. The department secretary who reminds us that the office will be closed for the holiday. The co-worker who's happy to have company and will give you a ride when the bus doesn't come. Lunch buddies.

During this online training, learn how to partner with employers to develop these "natural supports" from the start. Establishing these strong relationships from the beginning is key for an employee to enjoy heightened job satisfaction, higher wages, and potential for advancement. With strong natural supports in place, you'll be able to fade your presence, allowing you to assist someone else to achieve the same success!

New Dates for 2022

Supported Employment Training is facilitated by the Employment Technical Assistance team of the Center on Community Living and Careers.

Upcoming course dates and registration information will be listed here soon.