The Influencer

Influencers are valuable to a team because they influence others! They tend to be motivated by recognition, approval and visibility. They are very interested in the future, sometimes this leads them to rush on to the next exiting thing without finishing their current tasks first. They are enthusiastic communicators! They have a tendency to be one-way communicators, but they also inspire others. Emotionally, they tend to have highs and lows, they can be very excitable. Their decision making is often quick and intuitive. This results in many wins, but losses as well. When stressed they tend to attack.


Tendencies include:

  • Optimism, Enthusiasm
  • Being personable
  • Making a good impression
  • Being verbally articulate
  • A desire to help others
  • Creating an entertaining climate

The ideal environment includes:

  • A friendly atmosphere
  • Freedom from control and detail
  • Opportunity to influence others
  • Public recognition of ability
  • Opportunity to verbalize
  • Positive reinforcement and praise
  • Enthusiastic responses to ideas


Tendencies may include:

  • Lack of follow-through
  • Over-selling, Over-estimating anticipated results, Misjudging capabilities
  • Talking too much
  • Acting impulsively
  • Jumping to conclusions
  • Over-committing

Need others to provide:

  • Follow-through on detail
  • A logical approach
  • Concentration on tasks

Life development areas:

  • Better control of time
  • Objectivity in decision making
  • Pausing before acting

Understanding the Influencer
Basic motivation: Recognition and approval
Best environment: Friendly atmosphere
Freedom from control and detail
Opportunity to influence others
Accepts/Rejects: Accepts involvement with others
Rejects isolation
Behavior under tension:Attacks
Could benefit from: Pausing
Major strengths: Weaknesses:
Optimismresults inOver-selling
Personableresults inManipulative
Enthusiasticresults inLack of follow-through

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