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Fighting Tackle


Terry McFee wants to keep his position of defensive safety on the Clippers football team.  However, the coach thinks that Terry would do better as the nose tackle.  Terry starts working out at the track every morning with his brother, Nicky to improve his speed.  But Nicky is training for the Special Olympics as a sprinter.  Nicky is continuing to improve his speed times as he practices and giving his brother some unwanted competition.

Why does Terry want to keep his defensive safety position?  What disability does Nicky have?  What terrible thing happens that helps Terry and Nicky to realize that they each have important talents?  What are those talents?

Read this book to find out if Terry and Nicky are able to meet their individual challenges while helping each other to be the best they can be!

picture of a football                  picture of an olympic torch

By Matt Christopher. Little, Brown & Company, 1995. 147 pages. Fiction. Ages 9-12.

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