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Mysterious Secret Language Riddles

Break the code to find the answers to these mysterious mystery riddles!

Learn the American Manual Alphabet symbols for the letters of the alphabet and you will be able to solve these mystery riddles.

Read each question. Then look at the fingerspelling symbols provided in the box. Figure out what alphabet or number letter each symbol represents. Then you will have the answer to the riddle. If you have trouble you can refer to the American Manual Alphabet Chart.

Highlight the answer boxes with your computer mouse to see the answers. Have FUN!


  1. I have a face, yet no senses.
    Time is of the essence,
    but I don't really care.
    Clock Riddle
    A clock

  2. Voiceless it cries,
    Wingless it flutters,
    Toothless bites,
    Mouthless mutters.
    Wind Riddle

  3. What has roots as nobody sees,
    Is taller than trees,
    Up, up it goes,
    And yet never grows?
    Mountain Riddle
    A mountain

  4. Little Nanny Etticoat
    In a white petticoat
    And a red nose
    The longer she stands,
    The shorter she grows.
    Candle Riddle
    What is she?
    A candle

  5. Thirty white horses upon a red hill,
    Now they tramp, now they champ, now they stand still.
    Teeth Riddle
    Your Teeth

  6. Lives in winter,
    Dies in summer,
    And grows with its root upwards.
    Icicle Riddle
    An Icicle

  7. I run
    But I can't walk
    What am I?
    Water Riddle

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