Interoception, The Eighth Sense

Interoception, The Eighth Sense: Impact on Self-Regulation, Mental Health, Language and Social Connection Workshop

Presenter:  Kelly Mahler, OTD, OTR/L

November 3, 2021 

Workshop Overview

During this workshop, participants will gain an in-depth understanding about interoception including the impact this sense has on the development of social-emotional skills and positive behavior. This session provides a fresh, evidence-based approach that supports emotional regulation in line with current neuroscience and mental health research. Participants will learn evidence-based strategies for improving interoception, including coverage of The Interoception Curriculum, a step-by-step framework for improving interoceptive awareness.

Goal and Objectives


Understanding interoception and gain evidence-based strategies for practical solutions to support individual needs.


Participants will be able to:

1. Define and understand interoception, our 8th sensory system.

2. Synthesize research foundations of interoception and describe the impact it has on regulation, mental health, language, and social connections.

3. Identify at least 1 method for assessing interoception.

4. Identify at least 3 evidence-based strategies for building interoception.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for teachers, psychologists, physicians, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, early childhood educators, mental health providers, administrators, behavior consultants, ABA therapists, adult providers. and family members as well as researchers, clinicians, and others interested in supporting people with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Date and Time

November 3, 2021 – Zoom Workshop
9:00 AM to 3:30 PM EDT

Cost and Registration Information

The registration fee for this workshop is $75.00 USD.
IRCA recognized behavior consultants and autism leaders will receive a code that allows them to attend for $50.00 USD.  

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