Mission & Values

Leading the Field: Research, Education, and Service

The Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, Indiana’s University Center for Excellence in Disabilities, has fostered a foundation of excellence for community investment in developmental disabilities since 1970. Our work encompasses broader community issues as we seek to increase partnerships and relationships beyond disability, in the interest of full inclusion.

"Our mission is to work with communities to welcome, value, and support the meaningful participation of people of all ages and abilities through research, education, and service."

“to work with communities”
The Institute collaborates with community agencies, schools, advocacy organizations, government, institutions of higher education, and other community partners to effect improvements in quality of life.

“to welcome, value, and support the meaningful participation for people of all ages and abilities”
This is the core of our mission. It defines outcomes for diverse individuals, including people with disabilities, in all life spaces: schools, employment, home, and community settings.

“through research, education, and service.”
Research means investigation and inquiry into ideas and practices in order to develop knowledge that will benefit people of all ages and abilities.

Education means teaching approaches, concepts, and new knowledge to students and community members in schools, institutions of higher education, and in community settings.

Service means putting research and new knowledge into practice in educational and community settings. Service means collaborations and partnerships to promote inclusive communities. Service means participation in local, state, national, international and higher education committees, councils, association activities, and governance.

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