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Instructional Consultation Teams: Teachers supporting teachers to make the instructional match for all students

Welcome to the home of IC Teams Indiana!A teacher and an IC Team member work together to conduct instructional assessment in reading.

Learn more about IC Teams ...

Fact Sheet: Download a two-page information brief that covers the basics of IC Teams. 621 KB .pdf

Self-Guided Tutorial: This interactive presentation describes the IC Teams model in greater depth. It may take a few minutes to pre-load. Click here to get started!

Article/Discussion Guide: Ready for all the details? Download suggested protocols and questions to guide discussion of the ICAT® IC Team Overview (Gravois, Gickling & Rosenfield, 2007).

Article: 1.75 MB .pdf
Discussion Guide: 626 KB .pdf

IC Teams Indiana 2011 Annual Report: The report provides a picture of IC Teams training and implementation in Indiana.
1.99 MB .pdf

Bring IC Teams to your school ...

Awareness Session: We offer a two-hour interactive session for schools and districts considering implementation of IC Teams. Awareness sessions are offered online in fall and spring, or contact us to schedule an on-site session.

Options for IC Teams Training: Download a one-page information brief that describes two options for moving ahead with IC Teams training. We offer a Readiness semester and a comprehensive, two-year professional development sequence. Contact us for more information!
331 KB .pdf

Ideas for Funding the IC Teams Effort: Download a one-page information brief that offers ideas for funding the professional development and personnel costs associated with IC Teams training and implementation.
345 KB .pdf

IC Teams and Teacher Evaluation: Download a one-page information brief that suggests ways in which IC Teams data can inform teacher evaluation.
328 KB .pdf

Keep IC Teams going in your school ...

Sustainability Support: We offer annual services for schools and districts that have completed the comprehensive professional development sequence and wish to maintain integrity and accountability of the IC Team process. Contact us for more information!

Center on Education and Lifelong Learning -- An ICAT® Approved Training Center