A Statement of Solidarity

From the day CELL opened its doors over twenty years ago, our mission has been to welcome, include, educate and support all learners. Sadly, that mission is too often confounded by the structural and systemic racism that was baked into the founding of our nation. Acts of senseless violence are manifestations of the inequities and injustices that far too many people encounter on a regular basis. However much the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police might shock us, we recognize its tragic place in the history of violence against and oppression of Black Americans for over 400 years. Our work at CELL is but a small part of the critical fight against injustice. As members of the Indiana University and IIDC community, we

• Stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues.
• Reaffirm our commitment to equity and inclusion.
• Condemn those who seek to divide us based on race and ethnicity.
• Recommit to the hard work to address racism and social justice.
• Continue to stand alongside those fighting oppression tomorrow and always, and
• Encourage our colleagues to join us to find a space to discuss and act against racial injustice in our communities.

A Message from our Director, Sandi Cole

The Center on Education and Lifelong Learning understands that these are trying times for educators and parents.  If we are working directly with you and your school/district, we will be in close touch with you as to how our work can/will continue and most importantly, how we can support you during this time. For others across the state, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions. Finally, we will continue to advocate for a free and appropriate education for students with disabilities during this difficult time; we know that many of you are problem solving issues that arise daily related to continued services and we will continue to be sharing ideas and guidance as it relates to this issue.

Finally, thank you for all you do. We miss seeing you and we know that you want more than anything else to be back in the schools serving students.  You are heroes, and we appreciate all you are doing.

CELL has a long history of supporting schools and communities in Indiana and beyond. 

Our Expertise:

  • Engaging in professional learning and skill development
  • Promoting research guided practices
  • Informing policy
  • Facilitating change

More Info

"I appreciate the time and the positive energy the team brings to the district. The support during training is extremely beneficial and meaningful to the everyday work in the building. Thank you for helping the district grow for all students." 

- District Administrator

Last year at the Center on Education and Lifelong Learning: