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Melissa and Jen  Self-Guided Tutorial: 
This interactive presentation allows
teachers and administrators to gain
awareness about our co-teaching
and collaboration framework. 
It may take a few minutes to pre-load. 

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The expectations for professionals who work in schools have changed dramatically over the past several years. Most educators enter the field because of their commitment to work with students, but they will not be successful unless they (a) understand the many service delivery options through which students with and without disabilities are now served, (b) refine their skills for interacting with diverse professionals and parents, and (c) understand how to utilize the varied personnel and community resources to work for the benefit of all students. For example, students may receive services through consultant teacher programs or co-teaching. Likewise, educators routinely participate in team meetings and collaborative problem solving in which their ability to effectively communicate is critical.

Our Work

Our work with collaboration focuses on helping districts, schools, or individual administrators, teachers, or para-educators explore several of the many service delivery options currently available in education and to assist professionals to build their collaborative skills. Those we work with will be able to relate issues of collaborative work to larger issues that currently exist in education, and refine selected skills for effective communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, and working together with school colleagues. Our work may be through Indiana University courses, district or school-wide in-services or other support mechanisms that we design in conjunction with the school.