Equality and Equity are NOT the same

Equality vs. Equity Bikes

This image from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation describes the difference between equality and equity. With equality, all people are given the same bicycle regardless of their different needs. With equity, each person is given the bicycle that meets their specific needs. Simply speaking, equality means sameness, and equity means fairness and justice.

COVID-19 Vaccination Resources

The Center for Health Equity at the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community hosts a regional hub for information and resources to increase COVID-19 vaccination among people with disabilities across the lifespan, their family caregivers, and direct care providers for older adults and persons with disabilities in FEMA Region 5 (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin).

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First-hand accounts of the disability rights movement and the experiences of Hoosiers with disabilities

We invite you to explore more videos about disabiity in Indiana by visiting the exhibits at our Indiana DIsability History project. Since 2015, the Center has been collecting accounts of Hoosiers with disabilities and their supporters to document and preserve their memories and experiences, highlighting historic developments in the Indiana disability rights movement.

Featured Video

Chris discusses the long-term effects COVID-19 had on her body. Chris was so concerned about keeping her clients safe during the pandemic she didn’t take the time to get vaccinated. She states it was flawed thinking on her part. Chris hopes that sharing her COVID story will encourage other people to make better decisions about getting vaccinated. For more vaccination resources collected by the Center, visit here.

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