Professional Development and Training for the profession and communities

Eppley delivers award winning online and in person training that is developed by leading experts in the field from around the nation and globe.

Researching Trends, Communities and Organization Effectiveness

Harnessing the power of Indiana University’s research intensive campus, Eppley delivers insightful, powerful research that guides decision making and strategic choices for parks and public lands organizations.

Helping Programs Adapt and Grow

Organizations evolve and grow best when strategic and intentional development is implemented. Eppley has provided leading edge organizational growth and strategy to some of the most well-known and largest park agencies in the U.S.

Accessibility Assessment and Training

Access to parks, recreation, outdoor programs, and public lands is a right and essential component of healthy and engaged citizens. Eppley’s National Center on Accessibility is the leading program of its type, delivering award winning and innovative approaches to advancing access for all people.

Leveraging extensive hands-on experience in the field, a collaborative partnership approach, and Indiana University’s outstanding resources to provide evidence-based training, planning, and research for parks and public land agencies

Where We Work

Last Year at Eppley

19,000Individuals served

53,000Hours of Professional development training

38Agencies and communities served