History of The Institute

The Eppley Institute was founded in 1993 by Indiana University. Jim Ridenour, just leaving his position as National Park Service Director, and former director of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, was our first director.

The Institute was named in honor of Dr. Garrett G. Eppley, coincidently Jim Ridenour’s uncle, and a pioneer in park and recreation education; a former chair, faculty member, interpreter, trainer, and National Park Service recreation planner. The Eppley Institute traces its mission, approach, and goals to Garrett Eppley’s belief that a university should serve communities and lead the development of professionals who in turn serve the public.

The Eppley Institute has provided award winning services for the past 25 years for over 150 partners​

The Institute offers services such as Master & Strategic Planning, Targeted Agency Training Programs, Benchmarking Research, and more.

Each of these areas of expertise is made up of smaller pieces, pieces that can be delivered as a whole or as a single service because sometimes you already have a plan and just need help to execute it.  Sometimes you need a whole plan to bring change to your organization. Our targeted services are designed to help you execute, and accomplish your goals; not to be a boilerplate, 5 or 10-year plan of everyone’s wishlist.

We, our Institute, is dedicated to helping you. You know you are already doing an amazing job, so let us help you reach the next level of amazing.

How It Works

ProValens offers various types of courses on a range of topics to help meet the needs of aspiring and experienced parks and land management professionals and the agencies they serve.

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