Advisory Council

Our Institute is guided by a council of people with disabilities, family members of those with disabilities, and various state partners. This allows us to plan for the future, consider emerging issues, and discuss the Institute's role in promoting full community participation for people with disabilities.

Featured Council Member

Frank Epperson serves on many different advisory boards, committees, and working groups both within and outside of Indiana University. He works to increase the opportunities for people with disabilities ranging from emergency preparedness, the arts, and the physical accessibility of buildings and programs—but most relating to employment and people with disabilities. Frank also enjoys being a public speaker and speaks on subjects such as Title 1 of the ADA. He also provides customer training for front-line employees who will be interacting with people with disabilities, and disabilities etiquette.

Frank has a B.S. in Physical Education, has been an IU employee for over 20 years, is a two-time Paralympic, two-time world championship team wheelchair racer, a current ballroom dancer, and finally a lifetime advocate for people with disabilities. Frank has served on the IIDC Advisory Council since 2000.

Members of the Council

  • Kate Barrow
  • Sylvia Brantley
  • Courtney Clark
  • Frank Epperson
  • Shawn Fulton
  • Stacey Heath
  • Leah Helvering
  • Sarah Hurwitz
  • Melissa Keyes
  • MaryAnn Lapenta
  • Kate McQueen
  • Cori Mitchell
  • Chris Myers
  • Cynthia Nassim
  • Derek Nord, Chair
  • Amber O'Haver
  • Jordan Oliver
  • Jenn Piatt
  • Abe Shapiro
  • Chris Stroguiludis
  • Karen Vaughn

In memoriam of Council member David Carter who passed June 22, 2023.

Featured Council Member

Kate McQueen, M.S.Ed., is a mother, educator, caregiver, and parent advocate that lives and works in Bloomington, IN. Kate has a BS (2004) and MS in Education (2017) from Indiana University, Bloomington.

Kate’s drive to improve and preserve access to a free and appropriate public education for all started early in her life. However, her advocacy for those living with disabilities and their families became more focused after her first child survived a stroke near birth. Her son, Keenan, teaches Kate daily about the realities of living with cerebral palsy, autism, communication issues including apraxia, and a progressive form of epilepsy called Lennox Gastaut Syndrome.

Kate is excited to be a part of the Advisory Council as a parent advocate in order to join in the conversation between adults living with disabilities, caregivers, and professionals. This conversation continues to inform us how we can help serve, welcome, support, and educate everyone about accessibility needs throughout the community.

Kate enjoys dancing, hiking, reading, writing, and paddle boarding with her husband, Kailas, and their two school-age children.