Adria's Notebook

Adria is a young woman with multiple disabilities who lives in Indiana and who works and lives independently. She’s learned what support she needs and what works for her. One of those supports is her service dog Lucy. Adria's Notebook contains her posts and thoughts on what it's like to live independently with supports in her community.

Almost every time I work out, after about 45 minutes or an hour, I head back to the locker room and think, “Wow, that felt good.” No matter how stressful the day has been, I always feel amazing after I work out. Gatorade and water will help you sustain energy, but actual scientific research from... Read more »

As a follow-up to my post about cooking, I wanted to add a post about independent living and meal preparation. One of the biggest obstacles or difficulties with independent living for young adults with disabilities can be struggling with life skills, such as cooking or preparing healthy meals. Covid-19 has further complicated things by not... Read more »

Students on the Spectrum

The Indiana Resource Center for Autism at the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community is pleased to announce its 10th year of support of a student group on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University: Students on the Spectrum (SOS). This is a safe place for students to come and be themselves.

All Indiana University students who live with an autism spectrum disorder are welcome. SOS will provide students with the opportunity to engage with each other and others within the university community around topics and activities of their choosing and interest such as becoming an effective self-advocate, dealing with anxiety, communication and social skills, and exploring supports and activities on campus and in the community.

The SOS Club meets weekly at the Indiana Memorial Union on the Indiana University-Bloomington campus. For more information, contact Marci Wheeler, SOS Club Advisor, Indiana University, at or phone (812) 855-6508.