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Welcome to the Early Childhood Center. Our mission is to work with early childhood systems and professionals statewide to advance policies and practices that produce positive outcomes for all young children, including children with disabilities and their families. We're one of seven centers at the Indiana Institute on Disability and community located in Bloomington, Indiana. As a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, we translate the latest research findings into an easily understood and realistic practices and policies. Who are we? Our staff have early childhood backgrounds and developmental therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, and more. We have worked in schools, early intervention systems, and head-start. What do we do? We provide intensive professional development learning opportunities including coaching, which is where the real skill-building happens. We bring together early childhood stakeholders, including System Leaders, early childhood educators and families, to guide the adoption of new practices to improve the quality of early childhood services. We work with leaders to design and implement evaluation systems to be sure that what is being implemented as making things better. Our end goal is full membership for all young children and their families. How can we help you?
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Visionary solutions for programs and communities serving young children and their families

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Last Year at the Early Childhood Center

19Indiana Counties were Served

495Hours of Professional Development Training and Coaching were Performed

2349Early Childhood Providers & Educators were Served