ADOS-2 Toddler Module

Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule - 2nd Edition (ADOS-2) Toddler Module Introductory Workshop

Presenter:  Dr. Somer Bishop

October 20, 2021 

Please Note

This one-day workshop will be presented via Zoom. All participants are required to have their own copy of an ADOS-2 Toddler Module protocol during the training in order to score while watching videos of administration and participate in scoring discussions. These protocols can be purchased via Western Psychological Services. Participants may find it useful to bring an ADOS-2 manual to the training as a reference (not essential).

This workshop only includes the Toddler Module, it is recommended that attendees have previously attended an ADOS-2 training covering Modules 1 to 4 or plan to attend our upcoming ADOS-2 training.