TEACCH® 5-DAY Classroom Training

Please note:  This training has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work through these uncertain times.

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Presented by

The University of North Carolina TEACCH® Autism Program and the Indiana Resource Center for Autism at Indiana Institute on Disability and Community at Indiana University Bloomington

In Collaboration with RISE Learning Center

Training Staff


Christina Corsello Orahovats, Ph.D., Clinical Director, Raleigh TEACCH® Center, North Carolina.


Catherine Davies, M.Ed., M.Sc., LMHC, TEACCH® Certified Advanced Consultant and an Educational Consultant, Indiana Resource Center for Autism.


Training staff will include TEACCH® Autism Specialists who have provided training, direct services, and consultation to professionals around the world.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for teachers, psychologists, physicians, speech language pathologists, as well as researchers, clinicians, and others interested in educating students with autism and related developmental disabilities.

This course is designed to meet a variety of needs. Some of the highlights for professionals/family member/caregiver are:

  • Educators (General Education/Special Education) – Design classroom and set up furniture to facilitate student learning, how to create and set up individualized visual schedules. Work systems and structured tasks to increase student independence and progress towards goals. Learn how to use informal assessments to assist in selection of teaching activities and goals. Prevent and reduce challenging behaviors through individualized application of the structured teaching model.
  • Autism Consultants/Autism Leaders/Behavior Consultants – Specific, practical strategies to support school staff working with students with ASD. This includes classroom structure that can be utilized for general education and special education. Create individualized schedules for students of different ages and abilities. Participants will be guided through small group problem solving by a TEACCH® trainer in a way that may mirror interactions with school staff in support of a student with ASD.
  • Speech-Language Pathologists – A unique training for SLPs to learn how to gather informal communication/social assessment data and use the data to design goals. Activities are then developed and demonstrated to teach the goals to the students.
  • Psychologists – An understanding of how the characteristics of ASD and student's strength and weaknesses can be utilized to generate informal assessment and data collection. Data collection is then used to design programs for individual students.
  • Occupational Therapists – How to utilize informal assessments and data collection to design activities to develop motor skills and learning activities to compensate for the organizational challenges faced by many students with ASD.
  • Administrators – An understanding of the staffing complexities and programming considerations for students with ASD, including how to reduce challenging behaviors.
  • Paraprofessionals – A key point of this training for parapros will be how to foster independence in students with ASD and to understand the importance of individualized schedules, work systems, and structured tasks and the practical application of these with students. Strategies for reducing challenging behaviors will be presented.
  • Family Members/Caregivers - Opportunity to learn from parents of children with ASD during a parent panel/interview session. Gain an understanding of strategies that help children with ASD to learn in school, home, and leisure settings.

Details of Workshop Day

Attendance is required for all 5 days. Program runs from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. each day, please make your travel plans accordingly. Registration fee does not include travel, breakfast, dinner or accommodations; lunch and refreshments are provided each day.

Goals and Objectives

The pace of the program is intensive. During the first two days of this course, participants work collaboratively with the TEACCH® training team to set up a classroom with a focus on the physical structure, individual schedules, work systems, and structured tasks for five students with ASD. Beginning mid-week the participants will observe and work directly with these students in the classroom.

An emphasis is placed on the use of Structured TEACCHing® principles to teach children and adolescents with ASD skills in the areas of academics (literacy and numeracy), communication, independence, social and leisure, vocational, relaxation and coping strategies. Participants will have an opportunity to apply these strategies with students of varying functioning levels in a classroom setting and the broader school environment. The training includes presentations, small group discussions, model classroom activities and hands-on experiences.

You Will Be Able To:

  • Understand the unique learning styles of children and adolescents with ASD;
  • Conduct informal assessments to set learning objectives and monitor progress;
  • Create meaningful and individualized visual structure for students with ASD in both individual and group settings;
  • Implement Structured TEACCHing® strategies to facilitate skills in the areas of academics (literacy and numeracy), communication, independence, social and leisure, and vocational;
  • Conduct a behavioral assessment and implement problem solving approaches to reduce behavioral difficulties;
  • Develop and implement relaxation and coping interventions; and
  • Implement strategies for working and collaborating with families of individuals with ASD.

Workshop Agenda and Activities

Introduction to TEACCH Program and Overview of Training
Lecture on Characteristics of Autism
Learning about Structured Teaching
Setting up the Classroom Physical Structure
Making Individualized Schedules
Developing Tasks

Developing Tasks
Lecture on Communication
Lecture on Social and Leisure Skills
Lecture on Informal Assessment
Organizing Informal Assessment for the Students
Completing the Classroom Set Up

Observing a Model Work Session
Assessment and Teaching Sessions with the Students
Collecting Data
Planning Social and Communication Goals and Activities

Observing a Model Work Session
Assessment and Teaching Sessions with the Students
Collecting Data
Parent Panel and Interviews
Planning Domestic and Independent Goals and Activities

Lecture on Independence
Observing a Model Work Session
Assessment and Teaching Sessions with the Students
Collecting Data
Lecture on Behavior Management
Discussion and Wrap-Up

Consumer Investment Funds
For information on Consumer Investment Funds for family members or individuals with disabilities in Indiana, contact the Indiana Governor’s Planning Council for Person with Disabilities at (317) 232-7770.

Address of workshop site
RISE Learning Center, 5391 South Shelby Street, Indianapolis, IN 46227

Certificates of Attendance for 37 instructional hours will be available at no charge and can be used for:

  • Professional Growth Points.
  • Indiana Professional Licensing Agency Continuing Education credits for occupational therapists and occupational therapist assistants licensing requirements.
  • Indiana Professional Licensing Agency Category I Continuing Education credits for social workers, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors, addictions counselors and clinical addictions counselors for licensing requirements.
  • Type II BCBA Credits.

Cost is $  USD

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You will receive an email acknowledgement of payment. This is your confirmation and receipt. Please keep this for your records and reimbursement purposes.All questions about registrations should be directed to Julia Deaton, julhille@iu.edu or (812) 855-6508. All registration payment questions should be directed to IU Conferences at 800-933-9330 or iuconfs@indiana.edu.

All registrations are final. No money will be refunded.

The Indiana Institute on Disability and Community is committed to providing equal access to this event for all participants. If you have questions about accessibility, or have a request for alternative formats or other accommodations, please contact Julia Deaton (julhille@indiana.edu) at 812-855-6508 with your request at least three weeks in advance of the event. Deadline for accommodations request for this workshop is XX/xx/xx.

Contact Us
If you have questions about the workshop, please contact Deaton, julhille@indiana.edu at (812) 855-6508. If you have questions about the workshop content, please contact Catherine Davies, daviesc@indiana.edu or 812-855-6508.