Benefits Information for Students and Families

Benefits and Work: Information for Students and Families

The following fact sheets provide information about eligibility for benefits, work incentives, health care, and more for high school students transitioning to community life. The fact sheets combine information from several of the fact sheets on our work incentive fact sheet page to help students and their families and caregivers plan for and transition to adult services. Updated in 2021. 

See also, the Social Security Administration's pamphlet, "What You Need to Know About Your Supplemental Security Income (SSI) When You Turn 18."


Minnesota's Pacer Center produced a video in 2015 called How to Make SSI Work For You: Simply Said. Take a look:

Social Security Benefits 101 Webinar

The Center on Community Living and Careers recorded the following webinar on October, 29, 2019. During the webinar, CCLC's Stephanie Gage, project coordinator of the Benefits Information Network, presented information and updates on federal and state benefits for students after age 18, Social Security work incentive programs, and savings options for people with disabilities. 

Social Security Benefits 101: Benefits for Transition-Age Students  (pdf of presentation)