Employment Services: Information for Providers

Information for Indiana's Community Employment Providers

Documentation, Forms, Guidance

Indiana's employment specialists and other community employment provider personnel work with Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation on implementation of the state's Employment Services Model for job seekers who have disabilities. The tools and forms listed below are for their reference and use.

Find additional forms, documentation, and the VR Employment Services Manual on the Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation website

You'll also find links to past webinars, workshops, and trainings on our Past Training and Materials page

Coaches on Call: Technical Assistance for Providers

The Employment Technical Assistance Team at the Center on Community Living and Careers provides customized support to community employment providers. For more information on rates and the types of support we can offer, see our Employment Training and Consultation flyer* or email us at EmployTA@iu.edu.

*Text version of Employment Training and Consultation flyer here.

Shared Solutions: The Blog for Indiana Employment Specialists

Employment specialists, Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation counselors, and other employment professionals need resources and tools to help them implement the Indiana Employment Services Model. Shared Solutions is a resource blog from the Employment Technical Assistance Team at the Center on Community Living and Careers. Each post features information about a particular aspect of community employment, planning charts, videos, promising practices, and more. 

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In last month’s Shared Solutions, we discussed support and treatment for individuals with co-occurring disorders, specifically intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and substance abuse. In this post, we focus on I/DD and mental health, often referred to as a type of dual diagnosis. Unlike a co-occurring disorder, when one condition may be caused by another... Read more »

An estimated 7 to 8 million Americans who have an intellectual disability (I/DD) also suffer from substance use problems. Surprised? In the United States, families, support workers, and some state and federal agencies are often in denial about the co-occurrence of I/DD and substance abuse and, indeed, about the size of the problem. There’s a... Read more »

Guest Post: It’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month, so this month, Shared Solutions welcomes blogger Adria Nassim. Folks in Bloomington, Indiana, know Adria as a passionate voice for change in the community. She writes a regular column for the Herald Times and shares her love of dogs with her service companion, Lucy, and with us,... Read more »