Benefits Information Training

Benefits Information Training: Deciphering the Complexity

State and federal assistance programs can help people with disabilities go to work, pay the rent, take a class, get transportation, and save for the future. But navigating those benefit program can be complicated for people with disabilities, for their families, and even for the agencies and organizations who support them.

The Center on Community Living and Careers can help. On this page, you'll find links to the following types of benefits trainings:

  • Benefits Information Network Certification 
  • Work Incentives and Other Benefits Information
  • Benefits 101: for Parents, Teachers and Others


Benefits Information Network Certification Training

CCLC facilitates the Benefits Information Network (BIN) and its BIN liaisons. Located throughout Indiana, BIN liaisons provide individuals and families with the information they need to be able to work and to maintain the benefits and health care coverage they need. 

Basic BIN Training

(Only those certified less than 2 years may attend.)

Note: Our reformatted training includes both online content and Zoom sessions. Participation in both components is required for certification. These 10-week courses will consist of:

  • 8 weeks of participation in twice-weekly Zoom meetings
  • online course content with weekly readings, assignments and quizzes
  • time, during the final two weeks of training, to work on a case study and strategic plan assignment.

Cost for this training is $250.

August 3-October 9: For more information and to register now, see our Events calendar listing for BIN Basic Training.

November 2-January 8. Registration information coming soon.

February 1-April 9, 2021. Registration information coming soon. 


Advanced BIN Training

Advanced BIN training will be offered three times this year. Each training will consist of online modules and several Zoom training days.

Cost per person is $250. 
July 1-September 9  (Note: Due to COVID-19 precautions, this training now includes a series of four Zoom trainings as well as online content.) For more information and to register, see our Events Calendar listing. Class is now full; save-the-dates for September-December Advanced BIN training!

September 30-December 9
  Now online! More information coming soon.

Work Incentives and Other Benefits

CCLC also offers two-day workshops to employment professionals and advisors who need to understand Social Security, Medicaid, food stamps, and work incentives. During the workshop, community employment providers, therapists, social workers, transition coordinators, guidance counselors, and others who work with adults with disabilities and their families learn about the systems of support in Indiana and key programs that can help people get a job and keep a job.

Though it does not provide certification (competency training is not required), this workshop gives participants a wealth of information and resources.

Moving online! More information coming soon.

Benefits 101: For Individuals, Parents, Teachers and Others

For those of us who want to understand how to navigate the application and eligibility processes, where to get answers about Social Security benefits and Medicaid waiver supports, and how to adequately plan for the future, we also offer occasional webinars. Keep an eye on this page for more information.

For more general information on benefits, see our Benefits Information page. There you'll find a listing of fact sheets about Social Security work incentive programs and other state and federal benefits.

Scrolling down on the page, you'll also see a recording of "Benefits 101," a 2019 webinar, supported by the Indiana Department of Education. The webinar invited parents of transitioning students to learn about selected work incentives, state benefits, ABLE accounts, and the process known as "redetermination," when students with disabilities must reapply for Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) after age 18. 

More Benefits Information