Transition to Adulthood

Transition is...

  • Growing up and going to middle school.
  • Thinking about what classes to take before graduating from high school.
  • Finding a job or training for a career.
  • Moving into adulthood and living in the community.

When we talk about "transition," we're referring to the process of moving from middle school to high school and then from high school to college or adult life. Sometimes you'll hear people refer to that process as "secondary transition." In Indiana, transition planning in school begins the year the student turns 14. Many teachers, students, and families begin planning even earlier to learn about the possibilities and coordinate supports and services. Strong supports and services lead students to better post-school outcomes.

Preparing for adult life means making decisions about getting more education or training, finding employment, living independently or with supports, and participating in the community. It may mean applying for health care coverage or other benefits through the Social Security Administration and Indiana’s Family and Social Services Administration. 

What We Do

The Center on Community Living and Careers provides tools, training, technical assistance and resources to support teachers, students, and families who are learning about the transition process. The Center assists them in making connections in their communities to services and supports they will need in high school and beyond. The primary agencies involved in transition in Indiana include the Indiana Department of Education, Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation, and the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities as well as community employment and other types of service providers throughout the state.

Click on the links at left and below to learn more about specific transition projects within the Center on Community Living and Careers and throughout the state of Indiana.


Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center

Middle and high school transition educators rely on the Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center (INSTRC) for programs, supports, and training. The Center on Community Living and Careers maintains the INSTRC website to provide up-to-date resources to the state’s transition teachers and administrators. 

Explore the INSTRC website


Family Employment Awareness Training (FEAT)

This information workshop, from the Center on Community Living and Careers and IN*SOURCE, for high school students and their supporters is now available in five states. Attendees learn from local employers and people with disabilites who are successfully employed about possibilites and essential next steps.  

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