Secondary Transition

Annual Transition IEP Training for Educators

From Facing the Future Together to 

Building the Future Together

Who should attend:  Education teams overseeing the quality and compliance of Transition IEPs in districts and/or cooperatives. Teams can include special education directors, assistant directors, coordinators, department chairs, and teachers.

What to expect: We'll be virtual again!  Join the Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center; the Indiana Department of Education, Office of Special Education; the Indiana IEP Resource Center, and Project SUCCESS in a full day of online training. This year we'll cover all Transition IEP topics in one day-long session. 

Choose one of the sessions below!  All webinars will take place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Eastern Time. 

  • August 30 Region focus: Northwest and North Central
  • August 31 Region focus: Northeast and East
  • September 1 Region focus: Central
  • September 2 Region focus: Southwest and Southeast

For more information:  See the Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center website. 

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The Transition to Life After High School

The Center on Community Living and Careers offers training for Indiana middle and high school teachers who need information, resources, and assessments for their students preparing to transition to employment or postsecondary education and planning to live in their communities. Training is offered through CCLC's Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center (INSTRC).  

INSTRC Training Information

Transition Portfolio Trainings for Teachers

Transition Portfolios are a relatively new tool in the transition toolboxes of Indiana's secondary teachers and administrators. To explore how portfolios are used and how they can be helpful for transition-age students as they plan for employment, CCLC's Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center (INSTRC) led a series of five topic-based webinars in spring 2021

  • March 2 Here I Am, Let's Come Up with a Plan!  Overview. Learn what Transition Portfolios can do for your students.
  • March 3 Look at Me! So Much to See  Find out how to capture information about a student's learning characteristics.
  • March 4 The Things I Achieve, You Wouldn't Believe  Recording and capturing a student's academic skills and achievements.
  • March 8 Job One, Job Two, Finding the Right Job for You!  Recognizing and recording student employability skills.
  • March 12 Hop on Top, Cream of the Crop! Learn and practice the step-by-step how-tos by navigating through several Transition Portfolio examples. 

The webinars were sponsored by the Indiana Department of Education, Office of Special Education. 

To watch the archived webinars, visit the Transition Portfolio Training page on the INSTRC website. 

INSTRC is a project of IIDC's Center on Community Living and Careers.

The Transition IEP Miniseries

A Transition Inidvidualized Education Program (IEP) is the plan that takes students with disabilities from high school to their lives, living, working, and participating in their communities. The Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center, a project of the Center on Community Living and Careers, offers an online training course to transition teachers and administrators as well as members of the public.

The seven-module Transition IEP Miniseries presents the structure and components of a quality Transition IEP and the cyclical, aligned transition planning process. The course can be taken as a whole or in individual modules:

  • Transition IEP: Introduction
  • Student Involvement
  • Present Levels of Performance
  • Transition Assessments and Postsecondary Goals
  • Transition Services and Activities/Adult Agency Supports
  • Transition IEP: Annual Goals
  • Transition IEP: Conclusion

To enroll, follow the login and sign-up instructions: 

Transition IEP Miniseries