Employment Services

Teaming Up for Employment Services

"Employment services" is a term that refers to the guidance, activities, supports, assessments, and services that can help someone get a job, keep a job, or get a better job. Since this covers a lot of territory, we'll break this page up into information for job seekers and information for community employment service providers.

On our Employment page, we noted that Indiana is an Employment First state. That means "real jobs for real wages" in the community should be the first and preferred outcome for Indiana's job seekers. As a result, the information we provide here on our Employment Services pages highlights information about and the process and services involved in what we refer to as "competitive integrated employment."

What We Do (and Don't Do)

The Center on Community Living and Careers provides information, education, and training to Indiana employment specialists and consultants (also called job coaches),  Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation counselors and staff, and secondary teachers and transition specialists. We also provide information to families, young adults, and education and employment professionals through our new Family Employment Awareness Training.

We are not a provider of employment services for people with disabilities and do not have lists of job openings.

We do, however, work with both Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation and community employment providers around the state to improve the delivery and quality of employment services to young adults and adults with disabilities and their families.

Whether you're a job seeker, a parent, an employment specialist, or community employment provider manager, you'll find information here.  Explore:

Employment Services: General Information

Employment Services: Information for Community Employment Providers