Supported and Customized Employment

Finding the Right Job

Community employment providers and Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) work together to support job seekers with disabilities. Two of the strategies they use are supported employment and customized employment.

What's the difference?

  • Customized employment refers to an arrangement between a worker with a disability and employer that benefits both and that focuses on the strengths of the employee. Examples include adjusted schedules and work-from-home agreements. Supported employment and self-employment are forms of customized employment.
  • Supported employment uses a variety of ongoing support services to help workers with the most significant disabilities maintain employment. Examples include having a co-worker pick up and drop off a fellow employee from the bus stop, or creating a safe space in the workplace where an employee can go to take a needed break or de-stress.

Both customized and supported employment strategies enable employees with disabilities to contribute their abilities, ideas, and talents to the workforce while participaing in a workplace setting with their co-workers. 

Customized and supported employment strategies enable employers, in turn, to tap into the skills of workers who might not otherwise access employment through traditional means (i.e., a job search with an open application process).

Supported and Customized Employment Trainings

The Center on Community Living and Careers offers professional development training to community employment specialists and consultants as well as to Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) counselors. See the links, below, to supported and customized employment trainings.

Supported and customized employment strategies are also covered in our Employment Specialist Training, Discovery Training, and VR Leadership Academy. 

Family Employment Awareness Training (FEAT) helps raise expectations by sharing supported and customized employment strategies and connecting young adults with disabilities and their families and supporters to resources in their communities. 

For more information about these and other training opportunities, see our Training and Events pages. 

Employment Consultant Training

Comprehensive online training that provides the foundation, techniques, and effective strategies necessary to support job seekers with disabilities.


Employment Consultant Training

Family Employment Awareness Training

Training for young adults transitioning to employment and their families and supporters. Facilitated by the Center on Community Living and Careers with support from AWS Foundation.

Family Employment Awareness Training